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The AGEPAN® DWD protect N + F is a diffusion-type MDF fiberboard. RWH acc. to EN 622-5 with all-round tongue and groove profile, the general building inspectorate approval Z-9.1-382 equivalent and DIN EN14964. As the inventor of the DWD board, we have optimized the inside surface and thereby provide improved protection against the dangers of excessive new moisture. AGEPAN® DWD protect N + F may be used in roof and wall to bending and bend reinforcement as well as bracing and shear lag planking according to building permit and comply with their water draining property with the requirements of ZVDH for shortfalls.


  • Bracing and load-bearing planking
  • Buckling and Kippaussteiffung
  • Hail protection acc. Report IBS Institute, Linz
  • Permeable, windproof and wasserableitend
  • Solid planking and second aquifer
  • General masking the N + F's profile deleted
  • Good adhesion of adhesive tapes
  • No nail sealing tape lt. ZVDH required
  • Improved interior side surface protection
  • F30-B construction in AGEPAN® SYSTEM
  • Notdachfunktion up to 8 weeks in outdoor exposure and after storm damage
  • Additional sound, heat and fire protection
  • Fast, time-saving and thus cost processing
  • Raw exclusively from responsible forestry and forest management
  • Environmental and health friendly, as from the renewable resource wood
  • High quality is confirmed by periodic external audits
  • Made in Germany

AGEPAN® DWD Board Sizes

 Width mm Height mm Length mm
 1000 16 2500

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